Friday, November 26, 2010

Nick's 16th Birthday

Nick turned 16 on Thursday. His mom threw a big surprise party with good food and a fancy cake.

Jack and Nick

the whole family

7 years ago.....


Tessie is the weirdest dog we've ever had. She sounds and acts just like the Tasmanian Devil. She burst awake at 5:30 every single morning. She is relentless. And for the next 4 hours terrorizes our family.

She's excited that it's finally morning so she can emerge from her crate and play ball.
Luckily John takes pity on her and will play ball or frisbee with her for hours every morning.

She absolutely lives to fetch and chase things. And since we dont' have any sheep
this generally means a soccer ball, her flying toy thingee, or one of her hundreds of balls.
She's very serious about her play. She's not like a goofy playfully retriever. She's all business. And obsessive. And if you don't indulge her she'll drive you plum nuts.

If we can make it till 9:30..... she's a nice fairly normal dog the rest of the day. She loved her first hike a few weeks back. And she's loving her puppy kindergarten class. Every Saturday, she's one of nine little puppies learning how to be social and nice.

A Special Anniversary

25 years ago my Mom married Harold. At the time we were happy for them but we had no idea how much we had to celebrate. So when the chance to celebrate their silver anniversary came around- we threw a big western themed party!

One of the hidden benefits of having Harold join the family, was the fringe benefit grandparents. Grandma Vernie immediately accepted that she had two new granddaughters. She bought us Christmas presents that year- pajamas and a jewelery box that I still have. Then she kept my college mail box full with letters from Iowa. Today she's happily Grandma Vernie to an entire generation of little people. And there is nothing "step" about it.
Gina is my oldest friend. We've been friends since we were 2. Our Mom's served in the PTA and the Girl Scouts together. They joined about 60 other family and friends at the big shindig.

My boys looked handsome. And they can trust that I do indeed keep my word. You will notice that no pictures of the boys dancing the YMCA or dancing with their mom appear on this blog. Although this opportunity certainly did present itself!

Jackson's 15th Birthday

Jackson turned 15 in October. We celebrated with a road trip to Omaha's Strategic Air & Space Museum. Jackson's new found love is aviation and aviation history.

We also spent an afternoon at the amazing Omaha zoo.
We all had a great time hanging out together, and checking out the animals. And have promised to never ever mention that unfortunately incident on the Skyfari. (a better name would have been scarefari- cause one of us bout had a meltdown about how high it was and how inherently unsafe it is to put us up there with only one tiny little bar holding us in. One guess who it was. But I am betting they'll tell the story at my funeral. They laughed all the way home.)

Then as a gift for his fifteenth birthday Jackson started learning how to fly.

It was a bit nerve racking watching the little boy I gave birth to flying into the heavens in that little plane. But he absolutely loved it. Jackson actually did the take off.

They flew over the house, the stadiums and downtown KC.


First Day of School. Erin started kindergarten this fall. Lauren is now in third grade. And Jackson is now a freshman.

Fall Festival. at Missouri Town.
The festival had a great wagon ride.

Soccer. John coached Erin's kindergarten soccer team the "grasshoppers." (The kids got to vote on the name!)

John is a great coach who always makes it fun for the kids.

Halloween. We went trick or treating with my favorite rock star and mermaid.

Freshman Football

Jackson played left tackle for the LS North Bronco's. He was officially listed in the program as 6'2" and 207 pounds.

The freshman offensive line.
The team paraded down the street as royalty during homecoming.

Summer 2010

We love spending time at the lake with Mom & Harold.

The girls really surprised us all - and probably themselves as well- by climbing into the big bertha water tube for a lap around the lake.

And we spent our summer nights at the baseball fields.